Delegate Kathleen Dumais

Democrat, Maryland House of Delegates District 15


Dear Friends,

It is such an honor and privilege to represent the 15th Legislative District in the Maryland House of Delegates. I truly enjoy serving as a Delegate and I am proud of our accomplishments.

After the 2006 election, Speaker Busch appointed me to the leadership position of Parliamentarian of the House of Delegates. Soon after the November 2010 election, Busch promoted me to vice chair of the judiciary committee. During my first four terms, I sponsored over 100 bills primarily making improvements in the areas of domestic violence and family and juvenile law. I continue to successfully marshal through legislation in the areas of consumer protection, law enforcement, drunk driving and estate planning. In addition to serving as the vice chair of the judiciary committee, I also serve as a member of the Justice Reinvestment Oversight Board tasked with implementing comprehensive criminal justice reform.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss specific issues, please e-mail or call my legislative office. Simply visit the "Contact" tab at the top right of the navigation bar for more information.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. I appreciate and value your support and your vote!


En Español

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