Delegate Kathleen Dumais

Democrat, Maryland House of Delegates District 15

Kathleen Dumais’ Profile in The Baltimore Sun’s 2010 Voter Guide

The Baltimore Sun, Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kathleen Dumais



Phone: 301-951-9353

Address: 10336 Procera Drive, Rockville, MD 20850


Occupation: Attorney/Legislator

JD, University of Maryland School of Law, 1983
BA, Mount Vernon College, Washington, DC, 1980, Cum Laude

I am a practicing family law attorney with Paley Rothman in Bethesda with over 20 years of experience. I was first elected to the House of Delegates representing Legislative District 15 in Montgomery County in 2002.

AFL-CIO Washington DC Metro Council
African American Democratic Club of Montgomery County (AADCMC)
Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 689
The Apartment and Office Building Association Maryland State PAC
Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce PAC
CASA in Action
Democratic Women’s PAC of Maryland
Equality Maryland PAC
Fraternal Order of Police, Montgomery County, Lodge 35
Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 30 (Maryland-National Park Police)
The Gazette
Maryland Farm Bureau PAC
Maryland League of Conservation Voters
Maryland State Education Association (MSEA)
Montgomery County Career Fire Fighters Association, International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 1664 AFL-CIO
Montgomery County Business PAC
Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA)
Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association (MCPSRA)
Montgomery County NOW PAC
Montgomery Women
Municipal County Government Employee Organization (MCGEO)
Progressive Maryland
SEIU Local 500
Sierra Club
United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW), Local 1994
United Transportation Union
Washington Post

I truly enjoy serving as a Delegate and I am proud of my accomplishments. After the 2006 election, Speaker Busch appointed me Parliamentarian of the House of Delegates and I am honored to serve in this leadership position. I sponsored over 100 bills during my first two terms and have been particularly effective in making improvements in the areas of family and juvenile law, as well as domestic violence. Further, I have successfully marshaled through legislation in the areas of consumer protection, law enforcement, drunk driving and estate planning. I serve on the House Judiciary Committee and chair the Family Law Subcommittee. The House leadership asked me on many occasions to assist in promoting the agenda of the Democratic Caucus by making motions and arguments in committee and on the floor. Additionally, I have been the floor leader for the Judiciary Committee on a myriad of pieces of legislation.

On the issues

What steps should Maryland take to address its more than $30 billion in liabilities for state worker pensions and retiree health care?

The current Commission on pensions composed of impressive experts will issue an interim report in December, with a final report expected in June 2011. The Governor and the Legislature will have to review the report and recommendations of the commission and respond to the $30 billion in liabilities. Clearly, there is no easy fix.

Do you support the legalization of gay marriage in Maryland?


Should Maryland require those convicted of drunk driving to install ignition interlock devices on their cars?

Generally, yes. However, this is not the panecea that it has been made out to be. Several of the most egregious accidents and deaths used as evidence that an ignition interlock should be installed for all those convicted of drunk driving would not have been impacted by such a requirement. If a convicted drunk driver has had his/her license revoked but they still drive — ignition interlock doesn’t work.

Do you support the creation of an independent authority to grant licenses to charter schools? Do you support making charters eligible for state capital funds?

No, we do not need an independent authority — the Department of Education is the proper authority to grant such licenses. If the charter has been granted a license, then state capital funds would be appropriate.

Do you support an increase in the alcohol tax?


Should Maryland convene a constitutional convention?


What steps, if any, should Maryland take to replenish its transportation trust fund?

Balancing all interests in this down economy is an impossible task. Certainly, in a perfect world, we should simply preclude the use of funds in the transportation trust fund for any purpose other than transportation. But, even in these economic times, we should protect the fund and avoid invading it for general fund purposes.

Do you support the creation of a system of public financing for Maryland election campaigns?


What services or support, if any, should Maryland provide to illegal immigrants or their children? Do you support the passage of an Arizona-style law to task local law enforcement with immigration enforcement?

I do not support the passage of an Arizon-style law. All of our laws should be based on common sense decency and compassion.

Maryland law restricts the issue of concealed handgun permits to those who can demonstrate “good and substantial reason” for having one. Do you support the elimination of this restriction?
No. Current law works and no revisions are necessary.

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